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Subtitling Services


Why Do You Need Subtitles?

Subtitles are becoming increasingly popular because they help us understand what a person or character is saying in a video.
Sometimes, viewers are not familiar with the language used in international documentaries, movies, songs, etc. Hence, subtitles serve as a form of assistance, helping the public understand the content better.
They also come in handy when various people speaking have different accents. In such cases, subtitles provide extra help so that the message is delivered accurately.
Subtitles are also becoming popular for inclusivity purposes, as they can assist deaf people.

High Standard Transcription Services

At Elite Translation translation, we provide advanced subtitle services, creating subtitles that are accurately timed and synced with the video.
The subtitling process involves the transcription of the audio in any language you request. We provide subtitles in a variety of formats so that you can choose the one which best suits your needs.
We have a team of expert linguists who write and format the subtitles. Then, these are perfectly synchronized with the video content.
Rather than employing stenographers or using automated processes and voice recognition tools, we rely on more reliable, conventional transcription methods for our subtitling services. The subtitles written by expert linguists are more precise, thus avoiding context-related errors.
Unlike in an automated subtitling process, we use our expert abilities to make an informed decision about what to include and what to exclude while also taking care of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


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